Yvonne’s Take | The big coincidence’ in the country

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Coincidence. That is the word of the day today. The dictionary defines it as a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent casual connection. An example of a coincidence is when you run into your friend at the market., when you didn’t expect to.

Now, there was a rather big coincidence that took place this week in the country. That of the arrest of senators cleophas malala of kakamega county, stephen lelegwe of samburu and christopher lang’at of bomet county. It was termed as a coincidence because their arrests took place on the eve of an important vote at the senate to decide how the revenue allocated to the counties will be shared out.

As usual here on my take, i have questions. Is it a coincidence that the 3 senators whose votes are very crucial for that revenue sharing formula that has failed at the senate a record 9 times, were all arrested on the same day?

Is it a coincidence that none of them was charged with any offence despite police officers camping at their homes from as early as 3am? A coincidence that they were all released without having paid a cash bail? Folks, is it also a coincidence that none of them has formal charges presented against them in a court of law after those dramatic arrests that took place 4 days ago?

Isn’t it an interesting coincidence that both the majority chief whip in the senate and those in charge of the country’s security who arrested the lawmakers both termed the arrests as, you guessed it, coincidence!

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