We are changing the syllabus and system like we change clothes, Lonyang’apuo castigates CS Magoha

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West Pokot Governor Prof John Lonyangapuo has castigated the Ministry of Education over rush to change and implement the new education curriculum system of 2-6 -3- 3 saying it has a lot of hiccups He said that the new curriculum is in disarray for lack infrastructure, learning materials, and shortage of teachers.
“We have a shortage of 3000 teachers in the County and teachers have shallow training. Kenya must have set aside more money for practical’s and research in class,” he said.
The County boss raised concern over the new curriculum saying to change the curriculum a lot of resources and time to educate people, trials and runs.
“There is a need for serious undertaking for the people of Kenya now and the future. The rate at which it is changed is funny. We have had two education Systems and the third one coming. The first one took 22 years and the second one took 35 years. We can’t change the curriculum like plots. He dismissed the idea of the curriculum lacking examination.

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