Uganda MPs Brawl During Presidential Age Limit Debate in Parliament

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In 2017 Members of Parliament got into a vicious brawl with chaotic scenes as the MP’s debated the removal of the presidential age limit.

Tempers flared and lawmakers were filmed brawling after it was alleged an MP had brought a gun into the chamber. The speaker ordered a search but no gun was found.

Fighting broke out in Uganda’s parliament for a second day between lawmakers pushing for a change in laws to remove age limits for presidential candidates and those opposing it.

Witnesses present in parliament said they saw microphone stands being used as weapons, and at least two female lawmakers being carried out after collapsing. People exchanged blows and kicks after security personnel were called in to remove lawmakers who had been ordered out of the chambers.

At least 25 MP’s opposed to the legislative move had been ordered by the speaker to vacate the chambers after being suspended for involvement in fighting on Tuesday.

Under the current constitution, eligibility to stand as a presidential candidate has an age ceiling of 75 years. That makes President Museveni, now 73, unqualified to seek re-election at the next polls in 2021. Removing the age cap would clear that hurdle. He has been in power for three decades.

The proposal to change the constitution  has stirred widespread opposition from rights activists, the political opposition, religious leaders and from some members of Museveni’s own ruling party. Further debates should be had on ” term limits” to solve the roadblock and reach an amicable solution in the East African country.

The fighting broke out in parliament on Tuesday, leading Uganda’s communication regulator to ban live broadcasts of events “inciting the public”.

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