The River of Poison: Ondiri – Gikomba Chapter One

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In its better days, Nairobi, the Kenyan capital, was ‘the place of cool waters.’ Its name, derived from the Maasai word anaerobe, means a stream of cold water.
Today, a river that was once the source of life for many residents in Nairobi and beyond has turned into the river of death – a greasy, clammy and smelly sludge that is used downstream to grow food, drink and bathe.
The Nation spent the last two months with a team of scientists and toxicology experts from the University of Nairobi, tracing Nairobi River from its source at Ondiri Swamp in Kiambu County all the way down its 400-kilometre path through Athi River, Galana, Sabaki, and into the Indian Ocean in Malindi.

We collected 49 samples of water, fish, vegetables, crabs, and other aquatic animals from 10 points along the river. We tested these samples for the presence of 12 deadly heavy metals, pesticides and other chemicals.
And now, we have the shocking details.
Read the story of a river that has been betrayed by the city under the sun and how it affects millions of people.

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