The late Matiba played vital role in Kenya’s 2nd liberation struggle

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The curtains came down Sunday on one of Kenya’s most illustrious sons who was celebrated for his role in championing the return of multi-party democracy in the country and for his courage standing up against misrule during the Moi-era.

The one-time Kiharu MP captured the country’s imagination with his wit and charm attributes that saw him propped up for the presidency in the early 90’s and renewed the optimism of a nation that had increasingly grown weary after years of tyrannical rule.

An accomplished technocrat boasting a chequered career in the civil service, Matiba also earned his stripes from pioneering investments in the country’s hospitality and education sectors.

Matiba was a lover of adventure and had the will to conquer insurmountable challenges however he never recovered from the effects of the July 1990 detention by the Moi government.

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