The Fake Tanzanian translator who put his country on the map with great humor

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This funny video did the rounds this year in the online spacing. The Tanzanian ‘tour guide’ mis-communicated a tourist’s message who was praising Africa’s beauty – the video ended up all over the internet. He was later arrested for the  wrong translation of the tourist message and was charged with defaming and providing false information about his country.

​A video went round on the social media streets showing the Serengeti National Park tour guide with a white lady presumably a tourist recording a video where the lady was speaking in English as the man translated what he said into wrong Kiswahili words. The tourist was talking about her love for the Tanzanians and how hospitable and friendly they were. She went ahead to appreciate the wide variety of animals she got to see in her visit and urged his fellow countrymen and women to visit Tanzania so that they could also see for themselves the good tourist scenery in the country. The Tanzanian tour guide translated her message to mean that Tanzanians are lazy as they keep on complaining about the lack of food whereas they have flowers/leaves in their compounds instead of cooking and eating them. In his translation, he condemned Tanzanians for asking the president to give them food, he said the president is not a chef and that they should boil their clothes and eat it.

The Full conversation with translation to English goes as follows:

Tourist: “Hi. My visit to Tanzania has been beautiful, gorgeous. The people are fabulously wonderful and friendly. Greetings are always jambo [the Swahili equivalent of Hello]. Happy to be here. The land is beautiful, beautiful. The animals are wonderful.”

Guide (translating): “You Tanzanians complain/cry a lot about hunger. Everyday you cry about hunger when you have flowers at home. Why don’t you boil the flowers and drink [them]. It is not good to cry/complain about hunger.”

Tourist: “The variety of animals and people you see is incredible, unlike anywhere else. It is just fabulous.”

Guide: “You are asking your president to cook for you. Do you think your president is a cook? Can you get busy, even boil your clothing and eat.”

Tourist: “It will be an experience to savour for all of your life. It is fantastic and beautiful and incredible and just unremarkable.

Guide: “Get busy in every corner of the country. The president can’t leave State House to cook for you. You have to cook for yourselves.

They both later put out another video stating that it was done in jest and good humor. Really good marketing for Tanzania for those who get the joke!

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