Suspects behind fraudulent display of black magic in Mombasa arraigned in court

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A forest cobra snake that was used to stage an alleged witchcraft incident in Mombasa has been taken to the Shimba Hills national reserve, after Kenya Wildlife Service officials said the reptile could not survive out of its natural habitat. The order to move the snake was given by Shanzu Senior Principal magistrate Diana Mochache, after the reptile was produced in court as part of the evidence against six suspects in the case. Yassin Lokorobe, Ronald Nganga, Wani Moses Waju, Musa Ongom, Elizabeth Wetaba and 19 year old Mary Achieng were charged with conspiracy to defraud by means of advertisement, this by displaying posters and banners falsely pretending they were traditional doctors. It also emerged that three of the suspects are Ugandans, and were charged with being in Kenya unlawfully. Other charges included trafficking persons from Uganda for the purpose of exploitation, possession of a wildlife trophy without a permit and giving false information. They denied the six different charges against them. However, Wani and Ongom pleaded guilty to committing common nuisance by appearing naked in public. The court will rule on whether the suspects will be released on bond on 19th September

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