Special NTV Feature on inter-sex airs Tonight at 9pm

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When a couple finds out they’ are expecting, they might make plans for either a boy or a girl. But for some parents, finding out the sex of their child isn’t so simple.

Children born with ambiguous genitalia, display characteristics that are not clearly male or female. We are talking about intersex.

Whereas some parents accept the child as they are, others treat these children as a curse and abandon them or kill the innocent souls.

Others keep them in hiding, while many opt to take them to hospital where they undergo surgeries to make them conform to either male or female gender.

NTV’s Rose Wangui spoke to several families with intersex children as they face the dilemma of growing up as neither male nor female but somewhere in between.

Here is a sneak preview of the feature Born in Between which will broadcast tonight at 9PM.

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