Several students of Nyabururu girls High sent home for reporting late from half term break

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At least 200 parents of Nyabururu girls High school have protested a move by the school administration to send their children away from school after they reported late to school.

The students are said to have reported after the 3.00 pm deadline on Monday when they returned from half term break and were sent back home on Tuesday morning.

On Thursday, the angry parents returned the students to school with a message to the ministry of education to have the principal Ms Joyce Orioki investigated.

Some of the parents admitted that their children reported late to school and what had angered them is the fact they had been sent away hence overburdening them in transport expenses.

But the school principal, Ms Joyce Orioki defended her move saying the issue was a disciplinary matter and that all school rules must be followed to the letter.

Ms Orioko said some of the girls had reported to school at night but were allowed in and sent away the following day in the morning.

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