Raila Odinga’s speech at musician Joseph Kamaru’s funeral

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The President and Mr Odinga fought back claims that their unity deal was meant to scuttle Mr Ruto’s presidential ambitions in 2022, saying the March 9 handshake was aimed at healing a wounded nation that for years has been divided along tribal lines.

In an apparent swipe at the deputy president and his allies, Mr Odinga, who was wildly cheered when he arrived at the funeral, said the Building Bridges Initiative is not about the 2022 succession debate.

His speech was continuously interrupted with loud applause from the public, in a region that overwhelmingly voted for President Kenyatta in last year’s election.

“I told the President that we should shake hands as Kenyans watch. The handshake was meant to unite Kenyans and has nothing to do with 2022 because that will come and go,” he said.

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