President Kenyatta signs the Computer misuse and Cybercrime bill into law

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The die is cast for those fond of using social media and online platforms to propagate to propagate crime, abuse, indecent exposure or malign the character of others.

Propagators of hate speech and peddlers of fake news are now a wanted lot after president Uhuru Kenyatta signed into law the controversial computer and cyber crimes bill 2018 which imposes hefty fines and punitive jail terms for those found guilty.
Sharing fake news and initiating hate speech will now attract a fine of 5 million shillings or a 2 year imprisonment, while sharing pornographic material will attract a fine of 300,000 shillings or a 30 year imprisonment.

As Chemutai Goin reports, the new law will reign in on bloggers and social media users who have been abusing the platforms to malign the characters of others.

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