Police in Kabartonjo, Baringo North arrest a quack doctor for running an unlicensed clinic

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Police officers in Kabartonjo in Baringo North Sub-County have arrested a quack doctor who is suspected to be operating a clinic without a license.
The middle-aged man, according to locals, is also alleged to be procuring abortions and selling expired drugs to unsuspecting clients.
According to Baringo North health services coordinator Francis Chelobei, they acted on a tip-off from the members of the public who informed that the suspect, who is not a trained medic, has been operating the clinic for a long time.
Together with police officers, we organized for a raid at the clinic following information from the members of the public. We discovered that the suspect has been procuring abortions and extracting teeth yet he is not a trained dentist, said Mr. Chelobei.
He added: We have managed to access the clinic and we found government drugs sold in the facility and most of them got expired five years ago yet it was being sold to patients. We suspect that the quack, who has no single certificate to prove that he is a doctor, has been getting drugs from our government facilities,
A spot check by the Nation revealed that some of the drugs, with the label GOK, got expired in 2010. Some of the tools used for procuring abortions were also confiscated.
We also found that the suspect has been selling alcohol in the clinic and also confiscated some of the other products in the refrigerator which we are yet to ascertain what they are, said the medic.
Moses Chirchir, Baringo North public health officer urged locals to be cautious and seek services in public facilities than going to clinics that have not been certified.
It is sad that we found even some expired family planning drugs which I am very sure that it is normally given to unsuspecting women. We also confiscated some immunization drugs which got expired in 2018 and were being administered to children. We pray that we ascertain how drugs in our public facilities ended up in the hands of a quack, said Mr. Chirchir.

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