NIC Bank Group MD John Gachora’s love affair with trees

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NIC Bank Group Managing Director John Gachora’s love affair with trees started with a plum plant gifted by his father. Years later, on February 21, the engineer-cum-banker was emboldened by the same love for nature and a sent a tweet calling on Kenyans to act and reverse effects of environmental degradation. “We need a national tree planting week. If every able Kenyan planted a tree, that is 30 million strong! We can do this!”. The tweet elicited strong reactions. Others told him to spearhead a campaign to evict people who have encroached Mau Forest before asking Kenyans to plant trees or leave such a move to the government. He did and along with other players in private sector are driving a tree planting campaign. Deforestation is one of the causes of some of the environmental issues being faced today, including the ongoing floods that have affected hundreds of thousands of Kenyans. Every day we are waking up to the effects of deforestation with the changing weather patterns.

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