NAROK ACCIDENT: 1 killed after lorry explodes in Duka Moja

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One person has succumbed to his injuries following an accident involving two lorries at Duka Moja in Narok East late last night. 
One of the lorries that was travelling from Narok to Maimahiu is reported to have lost control after the brake system failed, ramming into the lorry ahead of it and sparking off a fire that burnt the driver, leading to his death.  
Efforts by fire brigade officers to rescue the driver were futile. Early this morning, the residents of Duka Moja blocked the road with burnt tyres to protest the increasing number of accidents at a road block in the area. The residents have since complained that the road block is located down the hill and is not visible to drivers. Isaiha Marloi noted that several accidents have occurred in the areas with trucks losing control each time the brakes fail.

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