Kisii town traders decry filthy state of market

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The dirty state of Kisii Town market is causing the traders there to lose out on business as well as risk their health. The businesspersons are calling on the county government to make their workplace bearable as customers are avoiding the area.The traders are decrying the fact that they have been paying tax daily but the County was not undertaking regular clean-ups of the town as it should.They say they have lost many customers yet tax collection officials are at the stalls every other day demanding cess. County Executive Skitter Ocharo told NTV on phone that shrinking land sizes was blocking the County’s efforts to acquire land for the dumping site. The garbage collectors on their part are lamenting over poor pay and insufficient equipment. One of them says that since they joined the job, they had been issued with gloves once and efforts to acquire new sets have been unfruitful.On pay, she says they are paid 5,000 shillings monthly which she feels is peanuts in light of the work they undertake and the risks involved.

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