Kaikai’s Kicker : ‘Deny, Deny, Deny,..The unfortunate culture of denying everything’

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For six months the kenya airports authority said nothing about an incident in which a body fell off a kenya airways airplane as it approached landing in london heathrow airport. But when the uk-based sky news television investigative report linked the dead stowaway to a cleaning company based at the Jomo Kenyatta international airport JKIA, the kenya airports authority came alive with an outright denial of the report. Kaa said colnet limited is contracted by the airports authority but the name paul manyasi does not appear in the jkia staff register. The kaa denial conflicts with the position of both the kenya civil aviation authority kcaa and even basic logic that the stowaway most likely had legal access to the airport and even the aircrafts. But the kaa denial is a hard sell because it would rather illogically suppose that the stowaway boarded the aeroplane’s undercarriage after takeoff and even better, midair way outside kenyan airspace. But the kaa denial fits the time honoured traditions of kenyan authorities where the motto seemingly is, deny, deny, deny.

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