ILLICIT BREW DEATHS: 2 die after consuming brew in Maragua

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Two people are reported to have died after consuming illicit liquor at Gakoigo Shopping Centre in Maragua constituency of Muranga county.
According to family members, the deceased Geoffrey Wachira and another man going by the name Kabunda were drinking at a local pub when they started complaining of feel sick and begun vomiting.  
Women in the village have now raised concern at the number of alcohol related deaths they have had to deal with, accusing police of becoming drinking peers at the same pubs, some of which open as early as 2pm, regardless of the set down law. 
Residents have in turn called on security officers to act with immediate effect, failure to which they will take the law in their own hands.
K24TV, Muranga county, Gakoigo Shopping Centre, Maragua

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