I can’t eat because of my condition – Deka Osman, UoN student

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A young person in college always looks forward to a promising healthy life during and after college. Most of them, although, are always oblivious of a possibility that this may not come true
Anything could happen in one’s life that may change so much for them for the worse.

Deka Osman is one such young person, a third year Journalism student at the University of Nairobi.

She was diagnosed with a condition known as small intestinal bacterial overgrowth – SIBO. She had to suspend her studies for an emergency surgery. Deka thought she would immediately heal as she had to stay six weeks without food but on water only. She consequently lost a lot of weight.

Her condition did not improve even a bit. She continued to visit several doctors, hopeful of finding a solution.
This has drained her parents’ finances; she has had to spend money meant for her fees on drugs. Most of her medicines are not available locally. She therefore has to import them.

Deka says that most people talk well of her beauty but they don’t have an idea of what she’s going through. She says that the gas she constantly removes from her stomach has a pungent smell. This has affected her social life a great deal.

She now hopes to raise sh200,000 for a test at Gastro and Liver Centre Hospital in Parklands that she hopes will help her get to the bottom of her health condition and find help.

She also appeals to any doctor who may have more knowledge and or experience to help her.

Deka still looks forward to working hard in school, graduating and becoming a great journalist whose story will inspire young people with various health conditions that impede their pursuit for their dreams. She looks up to NTV’s Olive Burrows among other great journalists.

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