Gachika village residents living in fear of each other as Nyumba kumi turn vigilantes

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Residents of Gachika village have been living in fear of each other as neighbours turn against each other opting to settle personal scores through deadly community policing members turned vigilantes.
Five people have been tortured and killed by their own neighbours since 2012 on flimsy and unproven accusations of petty theft.
The trend has planted hatred among childhood friends and former classmates, pitting next door neighbours against each other.
Families that shared meals in the past now live is suspicion each seemingly waiting for the slightest opportunity to be judge, jury and executioner against their neighbour.
The deadly attacks usually involve two or three people accusing their victims of petty offences. None of the accusations against the victims was ever proven and most attackers still walk free crossing paths with families of the deceased.

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