Court allows vetting of finance and procurement heads in government

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All Government heads of Procurement will now have to proceed on a 30 day compulsory leave to allow their employer time to vet them a fresh.

This is after the Employment and Labour relations court quashed an earlier order it had issued stopping the vetting. The court established that the initial order issued in favour of activist, Okiya Omtatah, had been issued without proper disclosure of facts. Justice Onesmus Makau has ordered the officers to provide all the required documents within 10 days. The court also ordered the officers to comply with the government circular within 10 days by providing all information required. During this year’s Madaraka day address, President Uhuru Kenyatta, directed all heads of Accounting and Procurement departments step aside to allow fresh vetting on their integrity. All those who will be found culpable will remain suspended.

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