5 things Kenyans might not know about Wizkid

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African super Star mr Wiz Kid is coming to Kenya this weekend for BBQ Live at KICC, and in the interest of curiosity i found out a few things that most people in Kenya that is might not know about Wizkid.

Number 1:

Did you know that wizkid’s real name is:

Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun

Shocking right I can’t even even say that twice without stumbling.

Number 2:

Wiz Kid has three Albums so far namely:




And the most recent one which he released just this moth:


Number 3:

Most Kenyans might not know that Wizkid has a son with his baby mama Ogudu Oluwanishola,

his son’s name is

Number 4:

Yesterday July 16th was his birthday and he turned 27 years old. Yap you might confuse his baby face for a teenager but he’s clocked 27 yesterday.

Number 5:

Wizkid got to perform at Wireless, one of the biggest festivals in the UK this month alongside NAS, Chance the Rapper, Stormzy and G Eazy!

5 things you probably did not know about Wizkid but now you know. Ofcourse he’ll be here for BBQ Live at the KICC and I’ll be bringing you the stage performances next Monday.

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